Auditions & Information for 2017-2018

Mid Season auditions will take place on Monday, February 5th, 2018. - Spring Session rehearsals begin Monday, February 12th, 2018.

• Students, Elementary through post High School, age 20 are invited
• All Instruments - Winds, Brass, Strings & Percussion

The Central Oregon Junior Symphony (JS) welcomes students who have played a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument for at least one to two years. JS is designed to sharpen and refine technical skills, while playing great music and having great fun! NO Audition is required to become a member of the Junior Symphony.

The Central Oregon Youth Orchestra (YO) rehearses and performs traditional orchestral repertoire as well as music from the mainstream popular culture and movies.

Orchestra Auditions: Auditions are now done by video submission. When you send in your application (paper or online), you will receive instructions on how to upload your video to google drive. Video yourself performing the following:
Prepare two solo excerpts or etudes or varying styles, 1-2 minutes in length. Solo material may be chosen from the concerto or sonata repertoire, etudes or school ensemble music. You must also perform a chromatic scale (preferably two octave), and all major and minor scales (up to 3 flats and sharps).

Strings - find your audition material here (you may choose one). Also note that you can use solo(s) of your choice.
All Northwest Audition Material
All State Audition Material

Winds and Percussion - following this link. Remember that you may use solo(s) of your choice as well.

You may also use any pre-approved music used to audition for WIBC, All-State, All-Northwest, etc.

Submitting your Audition Video
1. If you have gmail, email me your audition video and it will automatically share it with me as a Google Drive file. (
2. If you do not have a gmail account, you can still create a google drive account and share your file with me (see above email address)
3. You may use another file sharing site, such as dropbox, and share your video (see above email address)

The Central Oregon Chamber Ensemble (CE)
As COYO program continues to grow so does the need for enriched opportunities. This is a collection of the 10-12 most advanced Youth Orchestra players from the Strings, Winds, Brass and Percussion sections. The Chamber Orchestra will explore professional level repertoire and stylistic traditions. Chamber Orchestra members will additionally continue to rehearse and perform as members of the Youth Orchestra ensemble. Complete details to be announced at the COYO website.

COYO Brass Choir is BACK! Rehearsals will be during the normal COYO time.
Chamber Ensemble Rehearsals will be predominantly during normal COYO time. CE participants will
have a modified schedule; members will be expected to rehearse both their chamber music AND Youth Orchestra music during each rehearsal (roughly an hour each).
Armer String Quartet rehearsals and coaching to be determined by quartet members and coach

Why do you play an audition? The purpose of your audition is NOT to eliminate anyone. Your audition is a special and unique opportunity for our conductors to hear you and get acquainted with your individual playing. This process also serves to balance the orchestra in terms of seating and assignments. Neither the Youth Orchestra nor the Junior Symphony has a cap enrollment. All students are welcome to the program and assigned to the appropriate orchestra. If you have any questions at all about the audition, please email: info @

Youth Orchestra Semester Tuition:
$250      Junior Symphony Semester Tuition: $200

*Tuition fee includes: Chamber Orchestra, COYO Brass Choir, Armer String Quartet participation and any additional chamber
music opportunities
*Tuition fee includes participation for all guest artist residencies and workshops
*Tuition discount for Families with multiple kids in the program
*Tuition discount (15%), Recruit a Friend program
*Tuition fee DOES NOT include seasonal travel

COYO is a 20-week program: Monthly payment plans and tuition assistance are available for all members. Please contact the COYO office to discuss your needs. No student will be denied a place in the COYO program due to financial constraint.

CONCERTS: Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 2pm and Sunday, April 28, 2017 at 2pm
Concert location:
Mountain View High School